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Hank & Hera

Hank & Hera - Renae - Slip Nightdress - Long - Navy

Hank & Hera - Renae - Slip Nightdress - Long - Navy

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Loyal. Self worth. Vision.

The nightie named "Renae" is a homage to a friend of over 30 years who embodies the values of family, hard work, and an unwavering determination to create a fulfilling life for herself and her loved ones. Renae, a savvy business woman, exemplifies loyalty and commitment as a family woman. Her profound self-respect and innate sense of worthiness have always been inspiring. The Renae nightie, crafted from beautiful cottons, mirrors her no-nonsense approach to life and uncompromising focus on what truly matters. Just as Renae stands tall with an air of regality, the Renae nightie exudes a timeless elegance and radiates a sense of quiet confidence. Its impeccable quality reflects Renae's unwavering standards, allowing wearers to embrace their own sense of self-worth and revel in the comfort and beauty that the Renae nightie offers.

The Renae slip will forever reside in our timeless classic range.