Welcome to SISU & FINN – Unleashing Confidence, Celebrating Curves

At SISU & FINN, our mission is to empower women to embrace life's limitless possibilities with strength, grace, authenticity, and unyielding confidence.

We firmly believe that style transcends mere measurements, and our philosophy revolves around honoring authenticity while never compromising on the quality and style of the garments we choose to accompany us on life's journey. 

Based in Sydney, Australia, SISU & FINN was founded by Philippa Giles, a  champion of plus-size and size-inclusive style. Her discerning eye for detail and passion for timeless elegance resonate through every brand she personally curates. We collaborate with labels that share our vision of empowerment through fashion, ensuring that you have the most trusted companions in quality and style.

With SISU & FINN, you're not just a spectator in life; you're the leading lady. We support you in unleashing confidence and celebrating your curves, so you can shine brightly in your own life's narrative.