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Sisu & Finn is excited to be stocking Sonsee’s range of shapewear and hosiery. Sonsee is one of the most innovative brands in the Australian plus size fashion industry. The design of its products solves a genuine problem that almost all curvy women face—getting hosiery and intimates that are comfortable to wear and that actually fit. And Sonsee nails the brief; take a look at the Sonsee range here.

Hosiery and intimates are items of clothing that we all have to wear on a daily basis, so getting something that genuinely fits and that lasts longer than a week is a major achievement. Sonsee will have a great impact on your appearance, comfort, and self-esteem on a daily basis. Big call, we know!


What Is Sonsee?

Sonsee is an Australian brand of clothing offering hosiery and intimates for plus size women. The range is designed by the team in Australia for women, with each item being made in Italy. They are, therefore, exceptionally high quality, comfortable, and suitable for women of all body shapes and sizes.

A key part of the Sonsee brand is the fabric used to make most of the clothing—Italian 360-degree stretch. It is a unique material that is light and durable. Crucially, however, it also stretches in every possible direction. This makes it like a second skin with the fabric sculpting around your body to create the perfect fit. In addition, the fabric moves with you, so it is super comfortable to wear with little to no restrictions.

The waistband in all the clothes in the Sonsee range is important too. The design is anti-roll to keep the hosiery comfortably in place without digging into your waist.

To say the reception of the Sonsee range has been positive would be an understatement. Review after review marvels at the way the fabric stretches and then effortlessly bounces back into shape. Advocates for the Sonsee range are not hard to find online or among any group of plus size women.


Who Founded Sonsee?

Sonsee was launched in July 2013 by Vanessa Babuin. She has worked for a range of retailers, including high-end wedding fashion houses, in pattern design, and in product development roles.


History of the Brand

Vanessa Babuin, the founder of Sonsee, recognised how underserved plus size women were in relation to hosiery and intimates when she was working in product development. She spoke to bloggers and other women who described how difficult it was to find clothes, particularly hosiery, that fitted properly, that was high quality, and that felt and looked good.

Durability was also often a problem. In other words, plus size women had to put up with hosiery and intimates that didn’t properly fit and were uncomfortable to wear. Then, when they took the hosiery off at the end of the day, it would be stretched out of shape, making wearing it again in the future an even worse experience.

Vanessa knew there must be a better option for plus size women so she set about discovering it. After some searching, she discovered the now famous 360-degree stretch fibre that is a key part of the range from Sonsee. She found this in northern Italy and it enabled the creation of a clothing range that really did fit women of all sizes and shapes.

In addition, Vanessa discovered Shark Tank. Shark Tank is the television programme where entrepreneurs trying to launch or expand their business get the opportunity to pitch to wealthy and well-connected investors. If successful, the entrepreneur can get both a financial injection of cash into their business as well as the support of the investor.

Vanessa’s appearance on Shark Tank was successful, and she got an investment from businesswoman Naomi Simson, founder of the online gift retailer RedBalloon. She is also a writer and a widely recognised tech influencer.

Simson helped Vanessa with a number of aspects of the business. This included finding stockists, who until then were hesitant about selling plus size hosiery. The company also expanded its range to offer active wear and intimates.


Sonsee Product Range

The range of clothes on offer from Sonsee is not extensive, but they are all specifically targeted at solving a problem you and just about every other plus size woman faces: getting hosiery and intimates that fit.

The range includes the following:

  • Hosiery: footless, knee highs, sheers, and tights
  • Intimates: bras, bodysuits, shorts, singlets, and slips

The sizes available are from an Australian size 14 up to an Australian size 28. The way Sonsee depicts its sizes is pretty cool too, putting each size into a band with a body positive label:

  • Gorgeous for sizes 14 to 16
  • Flawless for sizes 18 to 21
  • Stunning for sizes 22 to 24
  • Radiant for sizes 26 to 28


Sonsee and the International Hosiery and Shapewear Market

Sonsee’s primary market is curvy women in Australia. It does ship its products to other countries, including New Zealand, the USA, Canada, and the UK, but those products are shipped from its Australian base.


How Is Sonsee Different to Its Competitors?

The unique selling point of the Sonsee range is the 360-degree stretch fabric that is used to make its hosiery and intimates products. Quite simply, this creates better fitting, more comfortable to wear, and longer lasting products.

Other plus size hosiery brands have hosiery and intimates ranges available too, but you will be hard pressed to find a range that offers the flexibility and levels of comfort that Sonsee offers.

Plus, all its products are Italian made, so the quality is exceptional.


Marketing Sonsee

As with most consumer brands, marketing is crucial to Sonsee’s success. There are several things that make it stand out from other brands and that have helped the company achieve its success so far.

One of the ways that Sonsee markets its products is by using brand ambassadors. These women include leading influencers and bloggers in the plus size fashion industries as well as businesswomen and more. The current Sonsee brand ambassadors include the following:

  • Naomi Simson, the investor and businesswoman who invested in Sonsee on the TV programme Shark Tank
  • Jo from the blog iCurvy
  • Janine Mison, a stylist, agent, and plus size fashion expert
  • Jenni Eyles from the blog Styling Curvy
  • Lilli Pascuzzi, from the blog Frocks and Frou Frou

Another important part of the Sonsee marketing strategy is using plus size models on its website and marketing campaigns. This seems like a basic concept, but there are still fashion brands marketing plus size clothing to curvy women using models who are smaller than a size 14.


Plus Size Hosiery and Shapewear Market

The Sonsee brand is relatively new, but it is becoming increasingly popular in the Australian plus hosiery and shapewear market. Sonsee’s unique and innovative approach to solving the real-world problems that curvy women face is helping it to carve out an impressive market share.

Having specifically designed plus size hosiery and shapewear is, of course, crucial for curvy women. Wearing the correct shapewear allows plus size women to manage, or even avoid, chafing while also smoothing out bumps and lumps underneath their clothes.

It is not surprising that Sonsee has found such a large following for its brand in a short space of time. We at Sisu & Finn are so excited to be part of the Sonsee journey. 

  • Matthew S

    I bought a few items for my sister's birthday. The service was excellent (I have no idea about women's clothes!) and the delivery was very quick. My sister was very happy. I highly recommend for everyone looking for great quality clothes and great service!

  • Cassidy B

    Bought some wonderful Sonsee tights from Sisu & Finn. The tights are fabulous and the service was outstanding. The courier delivered the day after my order!

  • Nichelle N

    I purchased swimwear from Sisu and Finn. Beautiful quality and flattering styles that are made for ‘real women’. Delivery was quick and customer experience was excellent!

  • Janeen K

    Bought a couple of fabulous shirts from here. While it took a few days to get to me in NZ it was so worth it. Customer service was awesome and could not have been more helpful. Highly recommend!

  • Lucy H

    Love Sisu & Finn! My Capriosca swimwear arrived and it’s a perfect fit. Such a challenge to find great stylish options for my curves.

  • Deepak K

    I would like to thank the team at SISU & FINN for a great experience. I needed to buy something for my mother’s birthday, and they helped me select the perfect item. To ensure it reached her on time, it was sent directly to her, and Philippa included a birthday card! My mother was so happy, and the personalised touch was really appreciated. Thank you to Philippa and her team.

  • Christine S

    I needed a nice dress for a wedding and love my Kiyonna Wrap dress when it arrived, the service was fantastic!!!!