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Hank & Hera

Hank & Hera - Sara - Camisole - Navy

Hank & Hera - Sara - Camisole - Navy

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Boss. Kind. Adventerous.

The camisole named "Sara" pays tribute to a woman I deeply admire, even though I have not personally met her. Sara, the founder of SPANX, is an embodiment of relentless determination and success. As one of the world's most accomplished entrepreneurs, she has built an empire dedicated to empowering women. With her busy life as a mother, wife, sister, daughter, and friend, Sara epitomizes the modern-day queen. The Sara camisole, crafted from a beautiful natural linen, mirrors her way of exuding practicality with timeless style. This nightie embraces the essence of a busy woman, providing comfort and elegance whether at home or during travels. Just as Sara fearlessly encourages new adventures, the Sara nightie empowers wearers to embrace their unique journeys, celebrating their individuality with confidence and grace.

The Sara camisole will be a permanent item in our timeless classic range.