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Hank & Hera

Hank & Hera - Leilani - Nightdress - Long - Black

Hank & Hera - Leilani - Nightdress - Long - Black

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Innovator. Boss. Mother. 

The nightie named "Leilani" is dedicated to a woman who has left an everlasting impression on me. Leilani, a former boss, has always shown her support to me as both a person and a professional. A true queen in her own right, Leilani's tenacity and innovative spirit have propelled her to build a very successful business and bring about transformative change in the Australian PR industry. Just like her, the Leilani nightie is a bold embodiment of uniqueness and quality.

Crafted from beautiful natural fabrics, it embraces Leilani's belief in doing things differently and exudes an air of innovation. This nightie is a testament to her exceptional taste, featuring intricate details and alluring textures that radiate confidence and empower women. Leilani's inspiring journey and unwavering support make her the perfect muse for the Leilani nightie, inviting wearers to embrace their individuality and create extraordinary lives.