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Hank & Hera

Hank & Hera - Shorts & Cami Set - Black

Hank & Hera - Shorts & Cami Set - Black

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Regal. Protector. Life Creator. 

The name "Hera" was chosen for our hero pajama range, inspired by the queenly essence it embodies. Hera, the Greek goddess of marriage and family, exudes strength, elegance, and regality. Just like her namesake, our Hera pajamas are crafted with utmost care and attention to detail. Made from beautiful natural fabrics, they embrace Hera's luxurious personality, offering unmatched comfort and a touch of sophistication. The Hera pajamas encapsulate the grace of a queen, empowering wearers to feel confident yet graceful. With each stitch, we aim to honor Hera's timeless presence and provide a truly royal experience for those who choose to indulge in our collection.

The Hera pajamas will remain a permanent feature in the classic range.