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Hank & Hera

Hank & Hera - Beverley - Nightdress - Short - White

Hank & Hera - Beverley - Nightdress - Short - White

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Vivacious. Self discovery. Bold. 

The “Beverley” nightie encapsulates the spirited essence of a woman unapologetically embracing life. This nightie is named after the vivacious Beverley, whose commitment to authenticity, personal growth, and audacious adventures is nothing short of inspiring. With a playful and cheeky charm, just like Beverley herself, this nightie captures her zest for life and her unyielding pursuit of self-discovery.

Both detailed and simplistic in its design, the Beverley is made from luxuriously soft cottons that caress the skin, and celebrates both quality and comfort. Much like Beverley, who forges her path with a bold sense of individuality, this nightie radiates a unique flair that effortlessly embraces both the adventurous and the serene.

Embrace the spirit of "Beverley" as you slip into this nightie; an embodiment of sassy elegance and untamed adventure. Let it remind you to chase your dreams, relish personal growth, and unapologetically be yourself, just as Beverley does in her charming way.