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Joan Vass

The Joan Vass brand is best known for its effortless knitwear crafted from luxurious materials. The minimalist design and artful shapes are immediately recognisable, and give every woman the opportunity to look sophisticated and elegant. While Joan Vass pieces often use different colour and patterns, each piece remains timeless and chic, using stunning fabrics such as cashmere, jerseys, and interlocks. This is why Joan Vass has been known for its great quality, classic clothing for decades.

Though the brand began in 1977, Joan Vass apparel remains timeless today. The aesthetic has evolved, but the apparel has remained true to Joan Vass in its dedication to understated luxury and comfortable sophistication. Vass was a firm believer in eliminating excess, leaving behind only great quality, classic clothing, and this philosophy is evident in the brand’s effortless apparel. 

As the Joan Vass brand has grown, Joan Vass has included a range of sizes in her collections. Plus size clothing has been introduced to extend her clothing to fuller figure women, and the same has been done with petite clothing. From simple knitwear to pleated skirts, tunics, and jeans, Joan Vass plus size lines are designed to look flattering on all body types, and it comes as no surprise that the brand is a favourite for plus size clothing in Australia. The Joan Vass woman is one who comes in every shape and size, and prides herself on being confident and chic, just as Joan Vass herself was.

Seasonless, ageless, and accommodating to petite and fuller figure women, Joan Vass embodies everything a woman wants to feel when she steps into her newest outfit. Joan Vass apparel produces great quality, classic plus size clothing perfect for any woman who wants to feel beautiful, graceful, and prepared to take on her day – and anything it might throw her way.

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Joan Vass - Studded Dress in Cloud Heat - Plus Size

Joan Vass - Studded Dress in Cloud Heat - Plus Size

Modern and minimal in Joan Vass studded dress in cloud heat. FEATURES ..

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