I am so proud to welcome you to what feels like my personal closet. A closet full of discerningly curated items, which reflects my passion and commitment to scouring the world for great quality brands which reflect my various interests, moods, style and ever-evolving body. And what makes it exciting, is this will always evolve.

And that is Sisu& Finn’s promise to you – great quality, classic, stylish plus size clothing through a community designed to support passion, authenticity and becoming your best self. 

Clothes don’t make the woman, but they do allow us to express, and discover, ourselves. By supporting your journey and helping you realise and unleash your passion for life, our collection of clothes will support your desire to live with confidence; shining so brightly that you can do what’s most important to you. For each of you it will be different – the best possible person for yourself and those you love, realise your dreams in the office, travel, or achieve big ticket goals. No matter the type of event, when you look great, you can push past fears to create genuine happiness.

As an Australian professional, and a plus size woman, I’ve learnt that just because I’m not a size 8, that doesn't mean I can’t live an honest, fulfilling, successful and exciting life. I love clothes, fashion and dressing beautifully -  whether it be in the boardroom, the bedroom, a friend’s wedding, the beach, and everywhere in between. I’ve learnt the hard way that fear, and judgment, can make me question who I am. And that’s just not good enough for me, or you. Sisu & Finn is a place of acceptance and encouragement for the pursuit of happiness and dreams, whatever yours may be.

Welcome home, I know we will have a lot of fun along the way.