As we move into the cooler months, it’s essential to build your wardrobe around a collection of classic items which will see you through year on year. So, naturally we are seeing another strong trend of prime colours such as red.

Red will always be in vogue. Men value women wearing red clothing as we are conditioned to associate the colour with fertility. Some scientists seem to believe that men prefer women clothed in red rather than a basic colour such as white. And, it’s not style focused either. So, it could be a red t-shirt, not just a slinky red dress.

But, what we wear isn’t just about how men, or anyone else, views us. We wear clothing for ourselves and red is a warm, bright, energizing color, often associated with love, warmth and comfort. It is linked to the root chakra, which is believed to be one of the centers of life force, or vital energy, in the body. It is also believed to increase energy and revitalize you when you are feeling run down.

So, with all these positive health benefits to being exposed to red, and it also being such a strong confidence booster, why wouldn’t we include this colour in our wardrobe?

At Sisu & Finn we have your back. And your front too…. So we have a great collection of red plus size clothing to help you be that little bit bolder, happy and live your best life possible.

Take a look at our collection of great quality, classic plus size clothing here.

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