We are delighted to announce that Sisu & Finn now stocks Australian plus size brand 17Sundays.

Our aim is to offer you a discerningly curated selection of items, and with you in mind, 17Sundays fits the bill. Take a look at our collection here.


Who Is 17Sundays?

17Sundays is a plus size fashion label that has cemented its place in the Australian and international market by offering fashionable clothing for in between, curvy, and plus size ladies.

17Sundays is known for producing high-quality clothing items both in terms of the fabrics and materials used as well as the designs, cuts, and patterns it creates and produces.

It is also quintessentially Australian, with the designers taking inspiration from the country’s vibrant cities and beaches. It is a fashion brand that takes an individualistic approach, so it is not afraid to go against the grain. The label “cool” is apt, although the range of clothes is suitable for women with all types of personalities and just about any age.


What Do They Specialise In?

17Sundays offers a full range of clothing for curvy women:

  • Plus size casual tops
  • Plus size occasion tops
  • Plus size casual dresses
  • Plus size occasion dresses
  • Plus size pants
  • Plus size denim trousers
  • Plus size skirts
  • Plus size jackets

17Sundays offers sizes 14 to 26.

17Sundays is arguably best known for its bespoke denim items as well as its boutique-style coordinates. 17Sundays’ range goes very well with their range of plus size hosiery and shapewear.


Who Founded 17Sundays?

17Sundays was founded by two entrepreneurs, Claire Primrose and Nikala Vagg. Both women have extensive experience in the fashion and retail industries. Before starting 17Sundays, Claire Primrose worked for major retailers in Australia as well as fashion brands. She was part of a team that launched a plus size range in Myer and also in David Jones. Nikala Vagg also has experience with various fashion brands as well as in new business development and sales with a number of companies.


History of 17Sundays

The founders have always had an interest in plus size fashion and increasing the choices available for women bigger than a size 14. In a previous interview, Claire Primrose, 17Sundays’ managing director, said she believes the fashion industry for curvy women started to change dramatically in 2003. This followed a survey by the major surfing brand Rip Curl. The survey sought to discover the average size of younger women in Australia. The results may have been surprising to some, although not to anyone who is an average size. The survey found the average size of younger women in Australia is size 16.

Having launched in 2010, 17Sundays is now considered a founding Australian plus size women’s clothing brand. Its clothes are regularly featured in major fashion magazines, including Australian Women’s Weekly, Frankie, Glamour Magazine, Marie Claire, Myer Emporium Magazine, Plus Model Magazine, and more. In addition, 17Sundays’ clothing has been featured on catwalks in Australia, New York, Los Angeles, and elsewhere.


17Sundays and the Australian Plus Size Clothing Market

17Sundays is the most recognised plus size clothing brand on the market, particularly in regard to boutique, specialist brands. Its slightly renegade and beautifully confident approach to fashion is appealing to the industry and to the women who purchase plus size clothes.

The fact that 17Sundays is now one of the more established plus size fashion labels in Australia is a testament to its success. This is one of the reasons it continues to be regarded as being the on-trend choice for women across the country.


How 17Sundays Distinguishes Itself from the Competition

The main distinguishing factor between 17Sundays and other brands catering to curvy women is the style of clothing that is available. It always stays at the leading edge of fashion trends and, in fact, is a trend setter.

Managing director Claire Primrose said the quality of fabrics 17Sundays uses also sets it apart from the competition. She added that they design all the yardage printing in house with their own team. The styling is inspired by Aussie design, particularly a love of the outdoors, as well as 1990s pop culture.

In addition, 17Sundays works hard to establish close connections with its customers, and it has an excellent reputation for delivering high-quality customer service. The company is also very active on social media, where it regularly engages with its customers and receives feedback from the people that really matter—the plus size women wearing the clothes it designs and makes.


17Sundays Models and Marketing Campaigns

17Sundays also stands out in the increasingly competitive world of Australian plus size fashion through its modern and eye-catching advertising campaigns. Many of these campaigns feature well-known plus size models, including Sophie Sheppard (the Australian-born and New York-based international curvy model) and are run by agencies like FWRD Agency and others. The campaigns that 17Sundays runs are renowned for being sexy and sultry, showing plus size women in beautiful clothes at their best.


Position in the Market

The number of brands offering high-quality clothing options for plus size women is increasing. 17Sundays has its own unique position in this market as its range has a more irreverent and streetwear feel than many other fashion brands.

It is an Australian brand with a committed and growing following of Australian customers. It is also becoming increasingly established as a global player on the international plus size fashion scene.

Many plus size fashion watchers and experts believe the market would be poorer without 17Sundays. As it continues to break new ground and to seek ways to differentiate itself from the competition, this situation is set to continue.

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