Don’t Hide From Your Curves 

Wearing oversized clothes can sometimes work against you. Overly baggy clothes can make you look bigger, less stylish and less confident. When I started experimenting with clothes, my confidence soared. The way I viewed myself evolved and by choosing more fitted items, it actually became more flattering and representative of my style. Mixing one fitted item with one loose fitting item typically gives me the balance of style and comfort which suits my body.

Try on Lots of Sizes

Sizing is just a number. So, why are women slaves to a number? There are so many factors that go into sizing – brand, cut, fabric, style. So, try on lots of items as the sizing range will often surprise you.

Find Clothes That Flatter Your Specific Shape

Not all bodies are the same. Understand your shape and which styles work best with your look. So simple yet so powerful.

Take Some Risks and Stop the Fear

Fear is the enemy of living a truly authentic life. Try new brands, fabrics or styles. Try on that dress you love but you’re convinced will look terrible on. Take the risk because sometimes you just don’t know until you give it a try. Live a little – I can guarantee you will not regret it.

Know Your Fabrics

I’ve said this before, and say it again. Know which fabrics feel good on your body, and understand which fabrics highlight the parts you love and hide those you don’t. It makes shopping so much easier. Whether you’re an online shopper or not, it makes the shopping experience more enjoyable and well…practical.

Tailor It!

Tailoring can make a huge difference to your overall look.  It can be the difference between an outfit looking great, or a little lack luster. Tailoring is a great option if you’ve lost, or put on, weight and want to use the clothes you have. It’s cheaper than a new wardrobe and you’re not adding to landfill.

Focus on Certain Shops

If styling isn’t your thing, then why don’t you take the leg work out and shop where they give you tips. You can see how an outfit looks overall and it will save you time and money not wasting time and money with returns or a pile of clothes which don’t work with your wardrobe.

Wear What Makes You Feel Good

Life is too short to be caught up with what other people think. Easier said than done, but the only way to improve this line of thinking is to do it. That part is simple. Life isn’t a test run, so be happy.

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