Having a fuller frame doesn’t mean that you can’t dress with confidence and style. The Sisu & Finn team have pulled together a list of plus size fashion tips for plus size girls to make sure that you always feel comfortable and gorgeous in everything you wear. 

Invest in Good Underwear

Good underwear is essential to making sure the fuller figured woman looks fantastic, particularly a good bra. Lifting your breasts and holding them in the right-sized bra helps you look leaner and create curves by revealing your torso. Do not be swayed by the size but rather choose underwear that really fits – it’s a common mistake choosing underwear (particularly knickers) that are a size too small.

Source: The Upcoming

Dress for Your Taste, Not Trends

An item on trend doesn't mean it will look good on you, or is your preferred taste. When trying on outfits, think about your body shape, and decide this particular piece makes you look and feel good. If the answer is yes then buy it in every colour. If the answer is no then put it back on the rack: choose the pieces you love, not the pieces you think you should love. However, that doesn’t mean you should shy away from trying new trends: active wear is comfortable and looks great on fuller figures, so don’t let its new status as this seasons must-have look put you off trying it.

Embrace Colour and Patterns

Many curvy or plus size girls choose to wear black because they think it's slimming or helps them to hide away in the background. However black doesn’t suit every skin tone. It’s time to try new things, curb your black addiction and incorporate colour into your wardrobe. Start off with a coloured necklace or shoe, and keep adding more and more colour until you have the confidence to wear a rainbow. Not only will adding a pop of colour to your outfit make you look more stylish and stand out, wearing colour also makes you feel happier.

Be You and Break the Mould

So many fashion articles tell plus size women that they should wear an A-line dress because it will hide their curves and choose dark jeans because they are most flattering. These style tips are generally true, but we don't need to stick to these rules all the time nor do we want to be clones of each other. The best thing any plus-size woman can do is be confident in who she is. If you want to wear that floral jumpsuit or experiment with the lightest shade of acid wash denim then just do it! Your confidence will carry you though, and you’re sure to look fabulous!

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